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Nature of the BD Course:
The BD Degree programme is the basic theological degree offered under the Senate of Serampore College (University). It is designed as a master’s level programme and is offered to candidates who already have the first degree; though the nomenclature BD may suggest otherwise. The Bachelor of Divinity Degree is designed to prepare students for the foundations and the fundamentals of theological education, since our universities do not offer theology as a discipline/branch of study. The Department of Christian Studies is only a recent phenomenon and it is not offered in secular universities as a regular course at the undergraduate level. Students at the BD level are both introduced to the foundations of theology as well as advanced level theological studies at a later stage. Thus, the BD programme is for 4 years for Secular graduate and 5 years for those applying after their Pre-University.

The study is primarily aimed to prepare and equip candidates for the diversified ministries of the church in particular, and society in general. The scope of study therefore is open to adherents of the Christian faith. The BD Programme of study is both academic as well as ministerial.
During the period of studies, the students are familiarized with critical academic scholarship in a Christian environment to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ, committed to the cause of the gospel. The study is intended to mature as disciples of Jesus Christ, committed to the cause of the Gospel. The study is intended to instill and cultivate good moral values and a lifestyle in resonance with the vision and mission of the Church. Character building and spiritual growth are part and parcel of theological education. The programme is designed to inculcate in students the sense of commitment and call as Christian ministers. In essence, The BD programme is intended for ministerial training to serve Church and society.


  1. To develop in students a spirituality that is both personal and community centered.
  2. To equip students to become effective witnesses in their varied and diversified Christian vocations
  3. To challenge students with alternative tools of interpretation so that they may read the Bible in the appropriate context in which it is located.
  4. To create in students critical consciousness and openness of mind in order to analyze cultural, social, economic, political and ecclesiastical milieus.
  5. To impact students with the Gospel of Christ as a transforming power in their personal, ecclesial and societal lives.
  6. To instill in students the “reign of God” values for transforming the Church and the Society.
  7. To make students agents of the “New Creation” founded on the principles of Justice, Peace, and integrity of the whole Creation.

Admission requirements:

  1. Candidate at the time of admission should have completed 18 years of age.
  2. A candidate at the time of admission to the BD programme must satisfy one of the following conditions.
    A candidate who has passed higher secondary examination (+2 or PUC with a total of 12 years of schooling starting from standard one) or its recognized equivalent programme. Such a student shall be admitted to the 5 years BD programme.
    A candidate who has completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University shall be admitted to the first year of the 4 years BD programme.
    A holder of B.Th. degree of the Senate of Serampore College, having passed the two qualifying English papers
    Category I: B.Th. degree with first or second divisions shall be admitted in BD III.
    Category II: B.Th. degree with third division shall be admitted in BD II.

    A mature person who has attained 25 years of age with minimum qualification of 10thclass pass and three years of ministerial experience, and who has passed “Mature Candidate Entrance Examination” of the Senate shall be admitted to the first year of the four year BD programme.

Criteria for Admission:

In addition to the eligibility criteria the applicants seeking admission should pass a four-part Entrance Exam conducted by the College to test the applicants’ general aptitude. The four parts of the Exams are:-

  1. English: to test the applicants’ ability to comprehend and communicate in the English language.
  2. General Knowledge: to test the applicants’ knowledge about the current affairs of the state, nation and the world today.
  3. Scripture Knowledge: to test the applicants’ familiarity with the scripture in general.
  4. Interview: to test the applicants’ ability to communicate in English, communication skills and assess the personality and commitment of the applicant.

Admission Process:

  1. The results of the incomplete forms of the applicants will be withheld or rejected.
  2. The entrance exam is conducted as per the information given in the application form.
  3. The candidates are selected on the basis of credibility and eligibility in the entrance exam
  4. Eligible candidates will be granted provisional admission for the first year. During this period the student’s performance and commitment will determine if he/she is eligible to continue the course.
  5. A prospective candidate will be expected to produce his/her parent/guardian if the Board of interviewers is of the opinion that their presence is required for permission.
  6. During admission a student is expected to pay at least 60% of the total fees.
  7. Fees once paid will not be refunded for whatever reasons.
  8. Married students shall produce marriage certificates at the time of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

The medium of study and examination for the degree is English or any regional language as approved by the Senate.

Duration of Study:

The BD degree course shall be of 5 years’ duration for 10+2 candidates; 4 years for University graduates and two to three years, as the case may be, for B.Th. graduates of the Senate of Serampore College, from the date of registration. The maximum time allowed to complete the degree is 7 years in the case of the 5 years BD programme,6 years in the case of the 4 years BD programme and 4 years in the case of B.Th graduates who join whether in the second or third year as the case may be.

Examination and Evaluation:

Final examination will be conducted at the end of the semester. All senate examined papers are evaluated out of 100%. However, the college examined papers are evaluated out of 60% and the other 40% for the internal assignments. Unless the internal assignments like class test, work or home assignments or paper presentations are completed satisfactorily, a student will be deemed ineligible to sit for exam in any given subject.
In the case of student failing to clear any subjects in three sittings, he/she shall write those exams only after the completion of his/her residential studies. Examinations for all papers shall be of three hours duration.

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