Trinity Theological College


Worship is an integral part of the Trinity Theological College. The worship matters are looked after and taken care by Worship Committee led by the Chaplain-incharge. Keeping in mind that a well balanced spiritual life and physical life is the key to living a purposeful Christian life, focus are made on the practical aspects of learning through participation in various activities such as observing quiet day, play on various theme, competition etc on the one hand and regular worship service, prayer and fasting, retreat and spiritual awakening programs, on the other. The college also encourages the development of vibrant worship through liturgical, classical and contemporary styles of worship.

Worship Committee

This committee consists of the Chaplain along with student members representing various classes. This committee selects leaders, preachers and various participants for various worship services such as morning chapels, vesper and devotional Sunday service. Tithes and offerings are collected and are deposited to the office to be used for formal and informal worship activities and services of the college.