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  1. Diploma will not be awarded to a student if he/she has any incomplete papers (College and Senate papers) or college dues.
  2. Diploma is not guaranteed, and it is at the discretion of the Faculty Council. Based on any disciplinary actions if the faculty Council deems the student is not eligible for the Diploma, he/she will be forfeited of the Diploma.

Proficiency Awards:

The college has instituted seven awards categorically for the deserving candidates during the College Graduation service.

  1. The “Principal Award” for Best Discipline in Christian Living.
  2. Dr. Hokishe Sema Award for Social Service.
  3. The “Sumi Baptist Convention Award” for Best Sermon.
    d. Rev. Dr. Najekhu Sema Award for Scripture Knowledge.
  4. Rev. Ivulho Shohe Award for Biblical Studies.
  5. The “Faculty Award” for Academic Excellence.
  6. The “Governing Board Award” for General Proficiency.

Along with these awards, the college also presents special certificate to all the graduating choir members who have been a part of the choir from the first year to the final year during the Valedictory Service.

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